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    Hey Everyone,
    My name is Garrick, I started playing airsoft in the spring of 2016, and have played regularly played at raat for the past 2 seasons.
    I started out with a G&G combat machine, and worked my way through a number of guns until my current loadout is a Silverback SRS, an ASG Scorpion Evo, and a Krytac LVOA.. I’ve got a TM glock 17 and a TM Mk23 for sidearms. I’m working on putting together an HPA setup for the krytac for something different.

    This year I was made the website admin after helping to build the new website and forum. We will be working to make more and more improvements to the website as we go as well as a buy and sell section.
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let me know.

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    Hey Garrick, I’m assuming this is the same Garrick I spoke with a few times at Bent Barrel, A gear discussion thread would be a good area to add. Possibly even an off-topic section for non-airsoft related things.

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