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    Canadian Psycho

    Hey everyone,
    Some of you many know me but for those that don’t I am David, been playing actively in the community for 13 years (wow i’ve been doing this a long as time). Haven’t been overly active lately due to life but still show up now and again. Started playing with RAAT right about the time it was formed in 2005 as well as with the initial Tactical Operations group out of Calgary. Been playing ever since. Started admining games in 2007 for RAAT running a crazy large amount of hosted games and scrims for the crew as well as provided game admin assistance to the former clubs of JOC in Calgary, the re-launched Tactical Operations, the defunct Edmonton Airsoft Regiment and other smaller groups around the province at times. I’ve played in every single BF game since the 1st (I need a life) and traveled across western Canada for events such as Mason Relic in Saskatoon. Founding member of my own team Task Force Specter, and a member of the Calgary Based Black Devils. Severed a year as Vice Pres of RAAT and several years of Head Game admin.

    Like I said I don’t play much anymore but do show up now an again to sling plastic. Looking forward to seeing what the new exec will do with the club.
    Hear to keep up to date and lend my knowledge as needed.

    See you guys on the field.

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