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    Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to give a little more detail on the upcoming changes to the field location. Unfortunately after a long and successful run at the field that was known as the “Raat” field, we have had to find a new home due to unfortunate circumstances. We have worked out an agreement with the owner of Sylvan Lake Paintball to use their field to host our Wednesday night games.
    The format will stay the same at the new field as at the old field, raat will still be in charge of field rules and running the games.
    It will be a little bit different experience as the field is smaller but has 2 seperate fields to play in. One being a close range cqb style play as well as a larger field that offers some more variety of terrain and elevation than what we had previously.

    While Sylvan Lake Paintball will be our weekly home, we are working out the details on using another field near red deer with a much larger and more developed play area that will be suitable for our season opener/ender games. While this hasn’t quite been completely worked out, we are nonetheless very excited about this new season.
    While we are known around the province for our opener and ender, our Wednesday night games are what have formed the core of our group and we are glad to be able to continue this tradition in a new home, with a new field experience for both Wednesdays and our big games.

    We look forward to seeing everyone this season and will be announcing the start of our games soon.

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    So looking forward to this season. It’s an exciting time to be a Raat.

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